Pond Herons building nest
Pond Herons building nest at Miami Zoo, nest material in one Heron's beak while other Heron watching, reflections in water, birds, water birds, tan, black,grey, blue, green, brown,white, ripples in water
Grevy's Zebras _DSC_3403-_
Grevy's Zebras at the Miami Zoo, Mother and son next to each other facing opposite directions, son in front of mother zebra, black and white stripes
AFRICAN LION at the Miami Zoo, face and eyes looking at you, mouth open, tongue and teeth showing, sharp, Florida
JARAFF REACHING FOR TREE LEAF at the Miami Zoo, full length, brown, white, black, green, grey, view from back side
Elephant Eating Hey
Elephant Eating Hey at the Miami Zoo,Florida, trunk putting hey in mouth, loose hey pieces falling from mouth, side of head from ear forward, tusk, Asian, tree orange flowers in background, grey, black,white, green, orange,blue
Grevy's Zebra_DSC_3401
Grevy's Zebra at the Miami Zoo,Florida,black and white stripes, full body from the rear with zebra looking back at you
White Stork_DSC_3393
White Stork at the Miami Zoo,Florida, side view,red head and red and black ring neck, red, white, black, grey, tan, brown, green,foliage,full lenght
Pond Heron_DSC_3361
Pond Heron at the Miami Zoo,Florida, wading bird, full length, side view,standing on log, tan, white, black, grey, brown, green,feathers,
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