Exuma FRANGIVPANI (Plumcira) tree flowers have white petals with yellow throat and red accents.
Rose, Yellow and Red Closeup
Rose, Yellow and Red Closeup with morning water due beads. Image is of the side of the rose petals
Purple Pond Lily
Purple Pond Lily in full bloom with lily pad under the flower floating in a pond
Orchid Cluster, velvet and yellow
Orchid Cluster, velvet and yellow. Image is sharp with out of focus background. Image taken at the Miami, FL Fairchild Gardens
Rose Reflection in Mirror
Rose Reflection in Mirror, yellow and red petals of the rose next to a mirror
Two Catayleta Orchids
Two Catayleta Orchids, purple stripes on white pedal with white and purple through. Image taken at the Miami, FL, Orchid show
Hibiscus close up in full bloom with yellow seed pods on pink stem from the middle of the pink pedals, green leaves in background
White Catayleta Orchids
Purple Catayleta Orchids
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