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Self Portrait (Posterized)

Wildlife Photography, South Florida

About Alex

ure,Creative Digital Art, Events,Photography,South Florida

Nature,Creeative Digital Art, Events,Photography,South Florida. Alex has been a professional photographer since 1975 when he started photographing modeling composites. His wife was a professional model needing a new composite. Alex did not like the proofs from the professional photographer she had hired. Alex went out and purchased photographic equipment and took photos of his wife and produced her new composite. Her modeling agent, Gail Carson, Act One, was so impress with hr new composite that she began referring new models in need of a composite to Alex. Alex produced over 50 referred modeling composites (color and black and white).


Alex became a partner in Photographic Services in Coral Gables which specialty was custon black and white prints, color photography for local high school year books, proms from West Palm Beach to Key West, commercial clients, studio and outdoor portraits.


Alex and his partners sold Photographic Services in 1984. Alex continued to be a freelance photographer for different Associations, Hotel clients, modeling composites, and weddings ( hired by Burdines and Wedding Masters as will as personal referrals).


In 1986, Alex open his own Real Estate Brokerage business. Using his photographic skills to produce real estate sales brochures and portraits for many other brokers and sales associates. 


With the new digital era, Alex jumped right in. He has purchased 8 digital cameras in the learning process. Alex now specializes in digital photography and custom large format printing. Alex still has his film medium format cameras and underwater camera when needed.


Alex is now opening his own website, AlexEmbryPhotos.Com, to show his clients that his specialty in photography is more like an artist who loves his work by being creative.

Alex donates his services to Non Profit charities and post the photos on his website for all to see.

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